Next Meeting: Thursday 6-9pm


LabWorx - Fort Collins, Colorado

You're Invited!

Join us at the Crooked Cup in Old Town, Fort Collins for our weekly meetup.

This is not a typical meetup.

The LabWorx format is a scheduled day and time every week where you can go to explore something new. Instead of speakers/presenters you are encouraged to learn and explore with others or solo, using the resources of the web or your peers.

Bring your laptop and use this time to explore something new. Work on pet projects, entrepreneurial ventures or just use the time to learn the new thing you haven't had the time for.


After graduation it is difficult to carve that regular time to learn that cool new thing...

  • Learn New Technology
  • Sharpen Skills
  • Network
  • Be Badass


This is for those who are interested in learning something new and need the scheduled day/time and place to do so.


The Crooked Cup
147 W Oak Street Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 484-7375
Map and Directions


Every Thursday from 6pm to 9pm
The Crooked Cup closes at 6pm, however they are nice enough to extend their hours just for us :)

Can't make it this week, no problem. We are planning on keeping this a weekly meetup. Join our newsletter to stay in the loop with new developments


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